Bordering On Brilliance

Competing with high street outlets and delivering good value, tasty school meals on a tight budget is a challenge in itself, but adhering to strict guidelines makes it even harder. By working closely with suppliers such as McCain, and through a process of trial and hard work, Scottish Borders thinks it might have found the solution.

At Eyemouth High School an enthusiastic and dedicated team of cooks, led by Angela Goodwin, trialled new products, developed new recipes, and gauged the feedback from the most discerning of customers - the pupils. With the average spend per pupil, per day, topping £2 it is safe to say that the formula is working.

Alistair McIntyre, Head of Catering for Scottish Borders had outlined problems with underperformance in previous pre-peeled potato products had meant caterers were forced to peel potatoes manually; this was wasting time and money. Furthermore, an open gate policy in the region meant pupils are free to leave the school grounds during lunch - the food on offer therefore needed to be varied, top quality and similar in style to what they might purchase on the high street.

Introduce McCain Chef Solutons

In some areas, school meal uptake is now at ninety percent of pupils in the Scottish Borders - it used to be the reverse.