Cardiff County Council - Mash Up in Cardiff

Althea Thomas, Area Catering Manager for Education Catering at Cardiff County Council, is benefitting from clean plates and happy pupils since switching to McCain Chef Solutions Simply Mashfrom dehydrated mash.

Dehydrated mash wasn’t popular with pupils who wanted a natural potato taste and great texture, but Althea was struggling to find an alternative option that was quick to prepare, versatile enough to work with different equipment and dishes, and delivered a consistent end product.

Trial McCain Chef Solutions Simply Mash

McCain Chef Solutions Simply Mash means it is now quick and easy to prepare great tasting, lump free mash that pupils can enjoy throughout the week as a meal accompaniment or pie topping. Mashed potato consumption has increased dramatically, plate wastage has reduced, and some pupils who didn’t think they liked mash are now fans. Because the yield increases by around 20% when it’s cooked there have also been additional cost savings.