Hot and crispy chips every time

Wayne Reed, Catering Services Manager for the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, says that since introducing McCain Menu Signatures Chips he can serve the perfect chip every time, which has helped to improve patient perception of the overall food offer.

“McCain Menu Signatures Chips are head and shoulders above everything else out there. We searched long and hard for the ideal chip and tried every brand we could get hold of but nothing worked. Everything lacked colour, was soft or didn’t cook through evenly. We just couldn’t deliver a hot and crispy chip to the ward from our regen trolleys, but the discovery of Menu Signatures Chips changed all that.

“It’s hard to downplay the importance of good chips to the service. Food is part of the recovery process, but many patients have very little enthusiasm for eating so to kick start their appetites it’s absolutely essential that we can offer food that is familiar, comforting and that they love to eat, particularly when we’re catering to children. Chips are a big part of that process and because they’re energy dense they’re also good from a nutrition point of view.

“Chips are also an important part of the menu we provide to older patients, and particularly those that suffer from dementia. Our ‘Forget me not’ menu, specifically designed for those with dementia, features familiar favourites, such as fish and chips, which are memorable and that can be extremely comforting. Many patients with dementia also tend to eat with their fingers and this is of course much easier with a crispy chip than it is with a soft one so Menu Signatures Chips are also helping us to maintain patient independence, which is important for self-esteem.