Maxine Hughes, Head Chef at Harper Adams University

Maxine Hughes, Head Chef at Harper Adams University, uses a range of McCain products across the menu at the Queen Mother Hall to ensure she can meet customer demand for a variety of potato options, for a menu that changes daily.

The Queen Mother Hall is largely for those living in catered accommodation and because Maxine provides food for the same 400 students three times a day, from Monday to Friday, she needs to change the menu on a daily basis to maintain customer satisfaction. The potato options also need to be versatile enough fit with a variety of options.<

Serve a mixture of McCain Hash Browns, Chef Solutions Simply Mash, Beefeater Chips, Gastro Chips, Wedges and Southern Fried Spirals alongside options such as Dauphinoise and Boulangere potatoes prepared from scratch.

Happy students and happy parents. Using McCain products ensures Maxine can offer a huge variety of menu options and has extra time to prepare fresh potato dishes for the evening meal and other menu items. Maxine can also reduce waste by cooking to order when required.