Newcastle City Council - Tasty Result For Newcastle’s Chips

Having recently introduced McCain Menu Signatures Traditional Chips, Janet Arnott, the Team Manager for Facilities Services at Newcastle City Council, says that using only the very best quality products and ingredients on the menu has helped to increase pupil satisfaction.

Pupils look forward to eating chips on a Friday and see it as a weekly highlight, but Janet wasn’t sure if the ones they were serving were living up to expectations and delivering pupil satisfaction.

Trial the existing chip in a blind taste test alongside a range of alternative options, including Menu Signatures Traditional Chips, to ensure they were meeting pupil expectations.

Pupils overwhelmingly voted for Menu Signatures Traditional Chips. Newcastle City Council can now be confident that they are meeting pupil expectations and providing the very best chips that are available. Pupils are happy and the local authority has already exceeded its estimated yearly chip usage, based on last year’s figures, by five tonnes.