Oak House Residential House

Preston Walker, co-owner and head chef at the multi-award winning Oak House Residential home in Rutland, has been helping McCain to explore the benefits of its care home product range. Preston was impressed and says that the McCain range can make it quick and easy for caterers to consistently deliver an appetising and flexible menu to meet residents individual dietary requirements.

Care home caterers need to be able to provide a variety of high energy and appetising menu options to cater to the dietary requirements of individual residents. Potato works well in care homes as it is flexible and popular with residents. It is also a great source of natural energy. However, preparing consistently great tasting potato from scratch can be time consuming, labour intensive and difficult to achieve for many caterers.

Consider introducing the McCain care home product range, particularly McCain Chef Solutions Simply Mash to meet demand for home-cooked style mash in less time and McCain Menu Signatures Traditional Chips to meet demand for hot and crispy chips.

The McCain care home range provides versatile, quick to prepare, great tasting, consistent and cost effective products and ingredients that can make a big difference to residents and care home caterers, delivering operational efficiencies and increased resident satisfaction.