Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital - Chips in good health

The Queens Medical Centre is part of the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, which is one of the largest hospitals in the UK and one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. Alongside a busy accident and emergency unit, the trust provides acute services including neonatal, burns and plastic surgery. Re-gen is used for catering in their hospital food services and nutrition plays a huge role in patient recovery across all treatment areas.

The catering team want to serve chips but re-gen cooking has always delivered soggy and unappetising results.

McCain suggested the hospital trial McCain Menu Signatures Traditional Chipsin re-gen ovens. The chips were extensively tested and were found to perform far better than any products that were previously trialled

Hilary Adair, Assistant Food Service Manager, said: McCain Menu Signatures re-gen brilliantly, taste great, and are instantly recognisable alongside other products on the market. They’re a good size so they fill the plate well, plus they look great. There’s no comparison with the product we used previously."