University Hospital Ayr

As Catering Manager for University Hospital Ayr, Nicola McIvor knows very well the results needed from food service in hospitals, and is always searching for ways to increase the quality of the food she serves and drive operational efficiencies in the kitchen. Having trialled McCain Menu Signature Chips and Chef Solutions Simply Mash she feels has found two tasty products that could make a big difference.

Serving around 360kg of chips every week - they’re a big favourite with patients, staff and visitors so it’s absolutely vital that every portion meets expectations and is as good as it can be. Making mash from scratch can also be time consuming and seasonal variations in the cost and quality of the crop need to be managed. 

Trial McCain Menu Signature Chips and McCain Chef Solutions Simply Mash.

The chips are full of flavour, look appetising on the plate and stay hot and crispy, maintaining a freshly cooked appearance, even when held. Chef Solutions Simply Mash offers significant time and labour savings and is consistently smooth and fluffy, every time. Putting the products on the menu permanently would give Nicola the assurance she needs to make sure patients, staff and visitors enjoy great tasting chips and mash, every time they’re on the menu, not to mention making valuable operational savings.