University of the West of England

Matthew Carr, Executive Head Chef at the University of the West of England, uses a range of McCain products to help him reduce waste, deliver great tasting potato products and serve healthier versions of the dishes his students know and love. 

Chips are crucial to Matthew’s menu but the frozen option he was using didn’t hold well, meaning his team often had to re-fry them to keep them hot and crispy. This took up a lot of the kitchen’s time, added cost and resulted in a lot of waste – and they were still receiving complaints of soggy, cold chips! 

Serving 5,000 students a day, making chips from scratch wasn’t an option for Matthew as it wouldn’t be a practical or cost-effective use of time, and they wouldn’t be able to ensure consistent quality. So, after a taste test of a range of options from big brands to wholesaler own label, his kitchen team decided to switch to McCain Original Choice Thick Cut Chips. 

McCain Original Choice Thick Cut Chips is helping Matthew to deliver consistent quality, hot and crispy chips that meet the expectations of his students – meaning no more complaints! 
He was so impressed he also decided to introduce McCain Chef Solutions Hash Browns, which are baked in the oven, enabling him to make his cooked breakfast healthier while still delivering on flavour.