Wellesley House School - Magic Mash

Kevin Read, Catering Manager at Wellesley House School in Broadstairs, says that since switching to McCain Chef Solutions Simply Mash he has been able to serve great tasting lump-free mash to pupils on a consistent basis, while also saving time, freeing up kitchen space and reducing cost per portion.

Preparing lump-free mashed potato to the quality that pupils expect from scratch was difficult to deliver on a consistent basis. The labour costs, in addition to the waste that was generated by preparing mashed potato from scratch was surprisingly high, working out as an expensive option.

Use Chef Solutions Simply Mash instead of preparing mashed potato from scratch.

Kevin used to believe the best way to deliver quality was to buy in sacks of potatoes and prepare dishes from scratch, but since introducing Chef Solutions Simply Mash, he has been able to increase pupil satisfaction by delivering a higher quality lump-free mash to pupils on a consistent basis for less money per portion and in less time. Waste has also been significantly reduced and because the rumbler has been removed there is now much needed extra space in the kitchen.