Mozzarella Pizza Bites

Our McCain Mozzarella Pizza Bites are crafted to help add variety to your menu and delight your customers

Bring variety and excitement back to your sides with New McCain Menu Signatures Mozzarella Pizza Bites.

Mozzarella pieces enrobed in an Italian seasoning, they are deliciously moreish and made to share.

Customers are looking for more interesting cheese options on side menus in Fast Food outlets*.

McCain Menu Signatures Mozzarella Pizza Bites, are crafted to provide more choice and enjoyment for your customers yet ensures your outlet continues generate incremental profit. With a unique shape and flavour, it's a must have during family feasts and will delight your customers so that they keep coming back for more.

Available from November 1st 2017

*Source: The Cog, Consumer Focus Groups, August 2017.