Going Gluten Free with McCain

2017’s Coeliac Awareness Week falls between the 8th-14th of May, with Coeliac UK focusing this year’s event on creating a “Gluten Freevolution”, and highlighting increased consumer demand for gluten free options.

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It’s estimated that 1% of people in the UK live with coeliac disease, a digestive condition which causes adverse reactions if sufferers consume gluten. In addition, around 10% of the population now actively choose to avoid foods containing gluten both at home and when eating out. However, although the consumer demand for gluten-free options is at an all-time high, Coeliac UK estimates that the UK’s catering industry loses out on around £100m a year, just by failing the provide an adequate range of gluten free options to customers.

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To help operators to not miss out on the growing consumer demand for great tasting gluten free options, McCain Foods have launched a range of gluten free foodservice favourites, including Our Menu Signatures Traditional Chips, Gourmet Chips, and Sweet Potato Fries. With the introduction of Food Information Regulation - requiring any and all allergens to be declared on menus –the McCain gluten-free range makes it easy for operators to offer a great tasting gluten free chip that is suitable for all consumers, without any additional menu declarations.

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Catherine Rigg, McCain Foods Senior Product Manager, said: “Although only 1% of the population have coeliac disease, around 10% of the population are actively looking to remove or reduce gluten from their diet, so there is a significant opportunity for caterers who can build a reputation for offering great tasting gluten free menus, particularly favourites, such as like chips.”

“It’s also worth remembering that the people seeking gluten free options will rarely be dining alone, so there is an impact on the friends or family that they eat out with too. Our research shows that chips are critical to consumers’ meal experience so providing great tasting gluten free chips on the menu will not only help to increase customer satisfaction, it will make your business a destination for those following special diets, as well as their friends and family.”

If you’d like to know more about our gluten-free range, and how McCain can help operators offer great tasting gluten-free options, get in touch today.