Presenting: Original Choice Chilled Chips

At McCain, we know that operators are always looking for menu items that can make the day to day running of a kitchen easier. More and more, it’s important that any ingredients used can tick a number of boxes to meet the varying needs of a modern kitchen, with ease of preparation, price, and storage flexibility key considerations.

As a menu item served day in day out across a wide range of sectors, this is something that’s especially true for chips. For operators, any chips served don’t just need to be a winner for customers, but for the kitchen too. As well as meeting cost, ware, preparation and cooking time requirements, chips need to be versatile, adapting to meet any kitchen changes or challenges as they occur.

We know that our customers are looking for chips that offer them flexibility in the back of house, without scrimping on taste or texture. That’s just one of the reasons why with our Original Choice range, we’ve given operators the option to cook our chips from frozen, or from chilled. As the chips in our Original Choice range can be frozen, or stored fresh for up to 5 days, kitchens have the choice of using either frozen or chilled chips without needing to purchase two separate products.

When stored chilled, the chips in our Original Choice range can be cooked in as little as 1 ½ minutes, making our fresh chips perfect for service during peak times, when a quick turnover between meals is imperative. Or during quieter times kitchens can choose to store Original Choice chips frozen, meaning they can be used flexibly as and when needed. That means that with a little planning, kitchens can prepare for whatever challenges the day’s service might bring up, and still serve the great tasting chips that customers know, love, and expect.

All the chips and fries in our Original Choice range can be stored and cooked from frozen or chilled, making them the perfect option for kitchens looking for a versatile chip that works for them. If you’d like more information about how chilled and fresh chips can work for your kitchen, get in touch with McCain Foodservice today to see how we can help out.