• Customer Satisfaction

    Through our care and craft, the Menu Signatures Staycrisp Traditional Thick chips, deliver the freshest, crispiest chips that your customers will love

  • Hotter & Crispier

    Delivering hotter and crispier chips for longer. Your customers are sure to love the new and improved Staycrisp Traditional Thick chips

  • Best of the British crop

    Made from the best of the British potato crop and using specially selected varieties grown by our UK farming partners, ensuring great quality all year round

  • Compliments Premium Menus

    The perfect way to match your premium dishes and create unforgettable menus, with longer chips for better plate coverage

  • Flexible Cook & Gluten Free

    The light, savoury coating gives a crisp exterior whether ovened or fried and is gluten free so all your customers can enjoy these superior chips

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