• Delight with Every Slice

    With a uniform size and created to a recipe that is suitable for healthier guidelines in schools, you can be sure every customer will enjoy a delicious slice of pizza every time 

  • Generously Topped

    A round pizza that is generously topped to the edge with herby tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella cheese 

  • Save Time and Cost

    With no need to prep these pizzas, save time and space needed to prove dough and, because they are pre-topped with thickly grated Mozzarella Cheese, they also save money by controlling use of your more expensive ingredients

  • Customise and Serve More Customers

    Create new pizzas every day with extra toppings to  keep menus fresh. And because our pizzas have a deep base they are ideal for eating on the move, so you can serve more customers, offer more choice and  grow your business 

  • Flexible Storage

    Store frozen or chilled for kitchen flexibility

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