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The fast food industry is continually growing and is predicted to keep growing in the future. With this growth it faces ever changing consumer expectations and demands. With the expansion of our Fast Food range and a key understanding of food industry trends, McCain products are here to help supply your Fast Food Operations.

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How can McCain help your business?

At McCain we have developed a range of products designed to support the fast food sector across all aspects of service; from making back of house operations as efficient as possible to delighting in-store or home delivery customers. Fast food consumers are looking for fast, fresh, quality foods around the clock. Whether customers are looking for a dine-in experience or for a home delivery service, as a fast food supplier McCain has a range of fast food products to support this.

With consumers demanding food at varying times of the day, speed of service is critical, and that’s where our quality range of fast food products can help. Developed to cook in the quickest time possible, managing back of house service is made easier. Our selection of quality fast food chips give customers a consistent, crisp, and hot product that you can rely on.

Now, with the introduction of our Prime coated range of fries, we can offer a range of premium products that help Fast Food providers to serve fries that have the upmarket style that consumers are demanding. The added benefit of our coated fries range is that they have great holding qualities, served hot they stay hot, even when delivered.