Food is an essential part of care: for patients it provides fuel for recovery as well as a welcome break in the day, and for staff and visitors it provides fuel, and a welcome respite. That’s where the McCain range of versatile and energy-packed potato and healthcare foodservice products come in.

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How can McCain help you?

As healthcare and hospital food suppliers, we understand that food provision in healthcare has many challenges: menus not only need to be appealing, varied, taste great and cost-effective, they also need to be nutritious and suit a variety of special diets. With its diverse customer base of patients, residents, staff and visitors, and the wide variety of kitchen operations from traditional to regen each site is unique in terms of challenges and requirements.  

For patients and residents, food offereed by a hospital foodservice needs to be appetising, nutrient-dense and may also include low salt, high energy/protein to support recovery and maintain health. For staff it is essential to encourage repeat custom, so menu variety and a range of main meals and light bites are essential across the day. For visitors, time in the canteen or restaurant can offer time out and respite so any food offered by hospital food suppliers needs to be appetising and comforting.

With an increased focus on the patient food experience, it's not just ward and kitchen waste that is an indicator of effective kitchen management in a hopsital foodservice, as patient surveys are becoming increasingly important. So why are potatoes perfect for hospitals? There are numerous health benefits of potatoes that are often overlooked: they are low in sodium which helps regulate normal blood pressure, they’re a naturally fat-free source of fibre, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6.  For patients, they are familiar comfort food and are easy to eat. For caterers, they help to provide a huge variety of delicious menus that can be prepared and served across all kitchen operations and ensure minimum waste.