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Pubs and hotels are cornerstones of British dining culture. At McCain, we offer a range of favourites to suit all venues, from family focused outlets, to modern locations serving up forward looking cuisine.

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How can McCain help your business?

Today’s consumers have an increasingly wide choice of venues when choosing where to eat, so standing out from the crowd and offering great value for money has never been more important. That’s where McCain can help.

As catering and pub food suppliers with a reputation built on years of quality service, our products help chefs serve great tasting pub food that will keep customers coming back for more, whilst making back of house operations as easy as possible.    

Whilst chips and roasts are menus heroes, there’s no getting around it: making them from scratch is time consuming, labour intensive and can be wasteful, particularly at the end of the potato season when consistency of results is hard to guarantee.

At McCain Foodservice, we follow the same process as you do in your kitchen, just on a bigger scale. Our quality range of potato options saves you an enormous amount of time, money and effort, helping to keep businesses profitable and ensuring that your meals are always as flavoursome as possible. Even in times of bad harvest, our frozen pre-prepared products cook evenly and taste great, freeing up your time to focus on front of house and look after your customers.

Whether you're after pub, hotel, or restaurant foodservice solutions, McCain Foodservice can help.