Delivering a variety of healthy and tasty favourites for self-service, fine dining, and hospitality is all in a day’s work for workplace caterers. However, maintaining those high standards day after day, and from unit to unit is no easy task. That’s where the McCain product range can help.

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How can McCain help your business?

McCain offers a range of high quality, potato products to help you meet the unique demands of the workplace on a consistent basis. This means standards can be maintained across multiple units, whoever you’re catering to, and whatever the occasion, kitchen facilities and skill-level of the workforce. Whether you offer corporate catering, office catering, or catering for manual and technical customers, our professional foodservice products and contract food supplier services can help you serve consistent and high quality menus. Easy to prepare and serve, McCain products save you time, reduce wastage, control seasonal issues and help you to deploy staff effectively. A consistent price that doesn’t fluctuate throughout the season will also help you to maintain a stable profit margin.

Working in partnership with more than 300 growers to harvest the very best British potatoes for its chips, at McCain we combine great food supply products with in-depth knowledge of the market and the latest trends to support our customers.

As further evidence of our commitment to customers, McCain Foods is now a member of the Food for Life Catering Mark Supplier Scheme, which means we can help service providers seeking Food for Life Accreditation whilst maintaining efficient kitchen management.